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Is Adoption Right For You?

Are you Feeling Confused, Upset, Overwhelmed, or Stressed?
All of these feelings and many more are completely normal when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Is Adoption Right? Pregnant woman with heart on abdomen.

Do Not Worry, Do Not Feel Alone, We Are Here to Help YOU!
Family Creations and our team of dedicated experts will help guide expectant mothers through their adoption with trust, comfort, honesty and complete support. Our staff has helped hundreds of women just like you through their pregnancy, and with the placement of their baby.

Who Benefits from Adoption?

Potential Benefits Adoption offers for the Birth Mother:

  • The chance to move forward and fulfill your lifelong dreams.
  • The opportunity to provide a secure and loving family for your baby.
  • Financial assistance for living expenses during the pregnancy as needed.
  • Counseling and Support networks provided For Free and Forever.
  • The option to select and meet a family for your baby and develop a lifelong relationship.
  • Peace of mind that your baby will be with a loving family that will provide numerous opportunities for your child’s life and future.
  • The possibility to fulfill a family’s lifelong dream.
  • A hand to hold, shoulder to cry on, and a team to celebrate how special you truly are.
  • 24-7 Live phone lines for emergency assistance… and much more…

Benefits Adoption offers to the Child:

  • An adoptive family that is financially and emotionally prepared to parent.
  • Adoptive parents who typically devote more time and resources to children.
  • A loving stable home that may include brothers and/or sisters.
  • The greater probability of a good education and brighter future.
  • The chance to have parents who are prepared to invest themselves in the challenges of child rearing.
  • Adoptive parents who typically are more involved in school and cultural activities.
  • The prospect of good healthcare and a support network.
  • The opportunity to travel and experience different people and places.
  • The kind of life you dream of for your child.
  • The foundation for a meaningful life.
  • Unconditional love from many… and much more…

Quiz: Are You Prepared to Raise a Child?

Sometimes it is helpful to think about your life and what long-term choices you would need to make if you chose to raise a child yourself. Please see the statements below that best describe your current life situation.

  • I have completed my high-school education.
  • I am pursuing my life goals and am excited about my future.
  • I am employed with the possibility of advancing my career.
  • I have loving and supportive parents to respect my choices.
  • I have health insurance and know a medical practice I can count on.
  • I get along with my employer and can count on job security at this time.
  • I am part of a church or a faith community that provides me with a support network.
  • I can cover my housing, food, transportation, medical and personal expenses.
  • I am saving for the future and possible emergencies.
  • I am attending college, or plan to within the next two years.
  • I have a reliable car and can provide car insurance.
  • I live in close proximity to quality childcare services.
  • I have the time, energy, support network, income and resources to parent a child.
  • The biological father of my child is loving, mature, honest, hard-working and treats me with respect at all times.
  • I am prepared for the challenges and costs that come with raising a child.

The information on the Expectant Mother section of our Website is created to help your learn more about the adoption process in an informed and emotionally healthy way. Adoption is an unselfish gift of love from mother to child, as well as to the adoptive parents. Only those women who love their babies deeply, and want the best possible life for them, will consider adoption.

Expectant mothers usually experience many emotional ups and downs, and may have many questions about adoption. Family Creations is here to help answer those difficult questions and pave the way to a smooth emotional process. Our hope is that your experience will be one of learning, growth, giving…resulting in a fresh start.

Remember, Expectant Mothers Have Choices!

You must give themselves time. Know that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or confused, but with thoughtful consideration and guidance, you will make the right decision for yourself and your child.

And We Are Here To Help!


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